minimal ceramics made with love, to be treasured every day

The first rays of sun warming up your home ... you, embracing your warm coffeecup, slowly starting your day and taking a moment for yourself... are you relaxing already?

A little peek in my


Every single piece brings a little more peace into your home and gives you a moment during the day to relax, enjoy and de-stress


"With Evi's creations it was love at first sight! 

The soft, harmonious and clean-lined relax my mind and heart. I am a food photographer and I use her objects in many of my shots; the neutral colors and the rough surfaces give visual and tactile emotions. Once you start surrounding yourself with her pottery, you couldn't live without it!"

Erica Ferraroni - Photographer + Stylist


In awe with Evi´s work … Timeless and tactile each one becoming forever pieces in our Home,

Nana H. Pohjanpalo