evi radoes ceramics

After five years Belgian architect Evi Radoes graduated from the Academie Haspengouw. As a ceramist, she has now built a little world of her own in her backyard where she loves creating with clay. 

The quiet beauty of her work will catch your eye gently. 

Her architectural background contributes to her view on design. Her style is timeless and serene. Her aesthetics lean towards minimalism: she likes to keep things simple, elegant and functional. Evi has a very soft spot for fresh shapes, clean lines and muted colours. Quality, meticulously selected materials and understated detail are her requisites. Tranquility is always her main goal.

The combination of tactile textured clay with washes of subtle glaze makes every piece of ceramics unique. Each item is carefully thrown on the wheel and mindfully finished by Evi herself. Small marks and irregularities are a natural and captivating part of this traditional process. 

Every single piece brings a little more peace into your home.

Every single piece of clay has gone through her loving hands. She pours her heart into all of her ceramic creations, so it only seems fair to get at least a little personal. Here goes!
Evi is living her happily ever after with Jan and their six-year-old twins Axel & Sophia. She surely loves it when the radio sings good songs and the cat spins a good spin. She’s a sucker for sunkissed skin and eventide at a deep blue sea. She dreams of untouched beaches and loves to gather smiles from strangers. Despite her secret insecurities, she chooses to live a conscious and slow life. For Evi, building a business out of her passion is frightening and fulfilling at the same time.  

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